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Aroma Therapy Massage

Introducing Aroma Therapy Massage.  A unique experience that fuses relaxation and deep tissue massage with the healing benefits of essential oil.  Eight essential oils and blends are strategically layered and massaged into specific energy meridians and trigger points. This technique aids the body in reducing inflammation and stress, boosting immune support, and obtaining homeostasis and balance.  

You can try Aroma Therapy Massage alone or with your next 30 or 60 minute session.  Please mention when you set up your appointment.

45-minute Aroma Therapy Massage session $60

30- minute Aroma Therapy Massage with 30-minute relaxation or deep tissue massage $80

30- minute Aroma Therapy Massage with 60-minute relaxation or deep tissue massage $105


I use all DoTERRA brand essential oils.  For more information go to




*Although I am an independent wellness advocate for DoTerra, I am not certified in the DoTerra AromaTouch technique.  I am simply applying the basic principles of the Aroma Touch technique to techniques used in my licensed profession.*  

* This website is not associated with or endorsed by DoTerra *  

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